Unintentional Hipsters (PHOTOS)

Unintentional Hipsters (PHOTOS)

We've been noticing a trend of hipster hate recently and it came to our attention that there are unintentional hipsters out there, or people who exemplify all the tell-tale signs of a hipster without trying. You've seen them before: people who are dressed like they just walked out of an Urban Outfitters despite that fact that they've never been to one. Whether it's a photo of an 80s or 90s kid wearing today's fashionable eye wear and patterns, an elderly person who has that "grandma chic" look down pat, or a baby who seems to unknowingly be on the track to hipsterdom, these people are out there looking hip without a clue. Check out some of the unintentional hipsters we found below, vote for your favorite, and submit your own!

Three Wolf Moon

Unintentional Hipsters: Accidentally Awesome

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