Unisex Perfumes: 12 Of Our Favorite Gender-Neutral Fragrances

Instead of a sickly sweet perfume, opt for gender-neutral scents like Le Labo's Santal 33, Tom Ford's Oud Wood, One by Calvin Klein CK and more.
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Ranger Station, Snif, Sephora
From left to right: Santalum by Ranger Station, Burning Bridges by Snif and Santal 33 by Le Labo.

If your partner uses the best shaving razors or weirdly good-tasting toothpaste, you may already sneak some of their grooming products. So if you’re looking for more products to share (or to steal when no one is looking), these unisex fragrances are a great start.

Unlike sickly sweet scents in heart-shaped bottles that are marketed for women or “manly” fragrances with names like “dirt explosion” or “sheet metal” these 12 scents are stylish and gender-free, ready for all bodies and to be displayed in all bathrooms.

With sleek packing and inviting smells, these unisex fragrances are universally loved. Because they’re so versatile, they’re perfect for traveling, giving as gifts and sharing with friends and lovers across the gender spectrum. And because their scents are so unique, they’ll have everyone asking you what you are wearing.

For each scent given, we’ve shared a bit about the brand, as well as scent notes for the fragrance and the sizes the bottles come in. From classics like CK One by Calvin Klein to new launches like Ranger Station’s Santalum, here are the best unisex fragrances you can find on the web.

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Burning Bridges by Snif
Snif is a new kind of fragrance and candle company that lets you test scents for up to seven days and return anything you don't totally love, only charging you for the products you keep. Their scent Burning Bridges is a toasty scent that's not too smoky. It has notes of tobacco and spices that are balanced by hints of rose, iris and vanilla. It's not sweet or too perfumy, making it the perfect spray for all parties. You can try a small sampler bottle for free or order the full bottle right away.
Santalum by Ranger Station
A candle, fragrance and general lifestyle brand based out of Nashville, Ranger Station is rustic but stylized and totally inspired by nature. Their popular unisex fragrance Santalum is woodsy but elevated. With notes of timber and clove, and hints of palo santo, clove, cardamom and sandalwood, it's dry but spicy and works all year long.
Erémia by Aesop
Aesop is a luxury line of vegan and cruelty-free body products for all genders. Their unisex scent Erémia is bright and energizing with notes of fresh citrus, musk and fresh rain. It's a crisp, fresh and uplifting addition to any morning routine.
Cathedral Grove by Bathing Culture
Natural soap company Bathing Culture is known for its cult-favorite Mind and Body Wash. Coming in just as hot is their new Cathedral Grove perfume oil, a roll-on perfume reminiscent of their famous body wash scent. Made from 11 aromatic plants, it's an earthy scent with notes of juniper, redwood accord and opoponax. It's meant to transport you to the rocky coast of Northern California, where the ocean meets the woods.
CK One by Calvin Klein
You can't beat a classic. The first scent from Calvin Klein's CK line, CK One was created back in 1994 as a gender-neutral fav to be shared among friends and lovers. It's a fresh, green tea scent with notes of pineapple, papaya jasmine and violet. Throw it on after a morning shower or before a hot date night.
Oud Wood by Tom Ford
American designer Tom Ford has been the creative director for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. The Texas native also has his own designer line, known for many things, including their sexy all-gender scents. Oud Wood is a woody and earthy scent that layers well and pairs nicely with other scented products. With notes of smoky woods like sandalwood and rosewood, eastern spices and amber, it's sensual and rich and works in all seasons.
Kasbah by 19-69
19-69 is a luxury Swedish fragrance brand that exclusively makes gender-inclusive scents. Kasbah is a fan favorite, with notes of honey, amber and sandalwood. It's seductive and aromatic, yet still warm and welcoming with hints of spices and patchouli.
Black Pepper by Comme des Garçons
Comme des Garçons is a Japanese fashion label founded in 1973 and based in Paris. They're known for their playful but chic designs as well as their beloved scents. Black Pepper, their unisex fragrance, is a spicy and forward scent with notes of black pepper, incense, leather, licorice, birch tar, pepperwood and cedarwood.
Vetiver by Malin + Goetz
Beloved as a gender-inclusive body and lifestyle brand, Malin + Goetz makes an assortment of hair, face and travel products (not to mention some amazing candles). Their unisex Vetiver is a clean and earthy scent, distilled in tropical grass. It has notes of citrus peel, savory celery seed, amber and guaiac wood, making it a fresh and crisp scent.
Santal 33 by Le Labo
Founded in 2006, Le Labo is a perfume brand of Estée Lauder loved for its subtle but striking scents. Their unisex scent Santal 33 is rich and woody with notes of leather, cardamom, iris, violet and ambrox. It's sensual and bold and perfect to wear day or night.
Flooid by Non Gender Specific
As the brand name states, Non Gender Specific is a unisex line of lotions, hair care and other body products. Flood, their one fragrance, is a warm scent with sweet and woody tones. With notes of citrus, amber, patchouli and cedarwood and mossy undertones, it's inviting and organic while still smelling elegant.
Replica By the Fireplace by Maison Margiela
If you've ever seen the high fashion boots with a separate big toe section, you may be familiar with Maison Margiela. It's a French fashion house founded in the '80s that's known for avant-garde creations. Their unisex scent, Replica By the Fireplace, is nutty and citrusy, with notes of clove oil, chestnut and vanilla lingering over a crackling fire.
Maude for bath and shower products

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