Trump Is Even Less Popular Than United Airlines

But both are pretty unpopular right now.

United Airlines received a rare bit of good news this week: As unpopular as the carrier is, it’s still doing better in the court of public opinion than President Donald Trump

United made headlines earlier this month after a passenger was violently dragged off a flight to make room for an employee. Now a new poll from the left-leaning Public Policy Polling found that the airline had a slightly higher approval rating than the president.

When asked if they had a higher opinion of United or Trump, 42 percent of the respondents chose the airline, versus 40 percent for the president.

That’s pretty much the only bright spot for United; the poll also found that 40 percent believed it was the worst airline in the country. American was a distant second at 10 percent. 

Thirty-five percent of respondents chose Southwest as the “best airline,” with Delta coming in second at 20 percent.

The president’s numbers were similar to recent polling from Gallup, which showed Trump with an average approval rating of just 41 percent since inauguration day, the lowest rating for a first-term president since World War II. The most recent HuffPost Pollster aggregate pegged his disapproval rating at 50.6 percent. 



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