United Breaks Guitars Song 2: David Carroll's Second Ode To United Airlines (VIDEO)

Consumerist points out that musician David Carroll has released a sequel to his "United Breaks Guitars" video -- which just may be the single most famous act of customer frustration in YouTube history.

Carroll, of course, had his guitar smashed by United Airlines baggage handlers and the airline initially refused to reimburse him for the damage. He promised to record three songs railing against United's behavior.

After the song began racking up YouTube views -- it's been seen more than 5 million times by now - United caved and offered to pay up. Carroll declined and suggested that United give the money to charity.

Carroll's second song is a bit more tender that the original, and the production value has been ratcheted up a notch. He serenades the caustic United supervisor who denied his claim back in 2008. "Oh, Ms. Irlweg, we don't need to fight," he sings.

In fact, the entire song is structured as a love-gone-wrong ballad. How touching! Here's more:

"If you just come to your senses, and accept the consequences of you letting certain baggage handlers smash my property..."

WATCH Carroll's video:

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