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United by Contradictions

Every amendment, every bill, every ballot and every choice divides us, Americans, into groups. It is no wonder why this 2012 election was so close -- whatever happened to united we stand?
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As a high school senior, it is mandatory for us to take government classes for a year in order to get credit for history to graduate. I have never been able to open my eyes to the world of politics like I have during this year's presidential election, after being consumed by information for three months. And while looking through a new lense of understanding, I have been astonished by how contradictory our nation is.

Every amendment, every bill, every ballot and every choice divides us, Americans, into groups. It is no wonder why this 2012 election was so close, because people want change and they want it now. But whatever happened to united we stand?

After the turnout of the elections being marginally close, it seems like this nation has become completely divided, reminding us again of the Civil War. However, the one thing that Americans are united by are the contradictions of personal beliefs.

Democrats and liberals want equality among all and try to put everyone on the same playing field, but look to conservatives as outsiders. Meanwhile, Republicans and conservatives underline the gap between ideology and practice.

The one quality that remains consistent is being contradictory. Once Americans can choose their beliefs and stick by them without any inconsistency, Americans can remember how amazing it is that we are able to choose and practice what we believe, no matter what the belief. Our weakness of being contradictory is what unites us. But overall, being allowed to have beliefs, whether hypocritcal or not, is a blessing we have in this country and should unite us all more than our inconsistencies.

People want change for the better now. However, people are so consumed by their hypocritical beliefs that it does not make sense. Americans need to help themselves by believing in something and acting upon it. That's why we are Americans, because we can create change. Instead of complaining about it and sitting in a pool of contradictions, we need to stand up for what we believe, stay consistent, and love that we can debate for hours about who's right or wrong. We are equal; that is what the document that binds us together states. We need to stay consistent with ourselves and not rely on a president to make this country exactly how we want it to be. Our founding fathers have created a system that is lead by the people. We are the people, and we shall stand.

So in the end, after I take my test on Chapter 14 about the presidency, I know that I have a voice and that change starts with me.