United Airlines Is Bringing Back Free Snacks, And They're COOKIES

Hope is not lost.

In this world of crummy airlines, a beacon of light shines through. And that beacon looks exactly like free cookies.

United Airlines announced Wednesday the return of free snacks on all North American economy flights. Starting in February, passengers on morning flights will receive a free stroopwafel, aka a Dutch "syrup waffle" with a layer of caramel-y filling. Passengers on later flights get to nosh free snack mixes with ingredients like wasabi peas and zesty ranch pretzel sticks.



United will join the meager list of domestic economy services that still offer free snacks: The perk phased out in recent years, due to airlines' efforts to cut costs.

However with fuel prices low and airline profits high, maybe they're realizing it's time to fuel us passengers, too.

Thanks, United!

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