United Nations Peace Week Delivers an Inspirational Path Forward

There are endless places that one can go to learn about humanity’s global problems, but where does the awakened, inspired individual go to learn about solutions and take action? The future of humanity depends on a concerted focus in areas of collaboration and inspiration that steer us towards a desired outcome rather than focusing on worst-case scenarios. Last week during International Peace Week in New York the movement towards collaborative, peer-to-peer, decentralized networks of individuals utilizing emerging technologies was officially launched, and it will transform the world as we know it.

“As our focus shifts from individuals and individual species as the unit of survival to the collective of life — its complex dynamic interactions and relationships — we begin to see that collaborative and symbiotic patterns and interactions are of more fundamental importance than competition as a driving force of evolution. Life’s key strategy to create conditions conducive to life is to optimize the system as a whole rather than maximizes only some parameters of the system for a few at the detriment of many.” -Daniel Christian Wahl, Age of Awareness

A very potent roadmap for this journey to a better future is laid out within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There are currently 17 goals (which you can see above) with 2 new ones being added. Since this is an emergent and collaborative process, people everywhere are invited to join in the conversation online using the hashtags #regenerate, #SDGs or #globalgoals. Together we will begin to aggregate all sorts of powerful and inspiring ideas. The Future of Humanity formally launched this campaign during Peace Week in New York, and it promises to be central to the ongoing conversation. You can take the leap and sign up to their community forum to receive updates, information, and inspiration as this movement continues to grow, inspire, and uplift us all with solutions for a better world.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Technology converge to birth something new. Future of Humanity is pushing that a new SDG (Sutstainable Development Goal) #0, be added that recognizes the history and understanding of indigenous communities. David Kam, of Earth Dollar has introduced a powerful platform that gives incentives for preserving, and regenerating natural eco-systems. This is a modern crypto-currency intends to be a collaboration with sovereign indigenous nations. Kam announced an Earth Jubilee that begins offering Earth Dollar Tokens at 11:11am GMT on November 11th.

“Expected to be one of the largest token sales for 2017, the launch of the Earth Dollar signifies a radical new application of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The Earth Dollar aims to create an alternative global economy, a new relationship between currency and resources that will actively protect the natural world. Unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Earth Dollar is backed by real natural capital assets such as land, water, or forests that have been offered as guarantee by indigenous peoples and other landowners. Indigenous nations have already pledged approximately 18,000,000 hectares of land, which will be protected as World Heritage Sanctuaries, to back the value of the Earth Dollar. Kam’s innovation means that every Earth Dollar that is created essentially shifts part of the natural world out of the old extraction economy and into the new sustainable economy, where the value of the currency increases in real terms when the Earth’s treasures and resources are safeguarded.” -ABC-7 News

Collaborative Decision-Making and decentralized governing is about to get a whole lot easier. Horizon State also announced during Peace Week at the United Nations SDG Media Zone an innovative new platform that will transform democracy in revolutionary ways. Horizon State has partnered with MiVote, Centre for the Future, and NextGen to present a token-based blockchain voting and decision-making platform that delivers unprecedented trust through the integrity and post-unforgeable attributes of blockchain technology. This secure digital ballot box cannot be hacked, wherein results can never be altered, and voter identities are protected.

"Our purpose is to help design and realise a world that works for everyone and in so doing, to enable humanity to evolve more consciously.” -Centre for the Future

Breakfast for Climate Restoration hosted innovators like Peter Fiekowsky, Founder of the Healthy Climate Alliance; Melinda Woolf, who co-created the 300 by 2050 Campaign with Peter; as well as Dr. Brian von Herzen, Executive Director of the Climate Foundation, and many others. Moving forward this collection of thought-leaders will also be needing educational media and other ways that we can bring this discussion to large, diverse audiences. This article is part of that unfolding. You can read the official invite with a list of panelists Bio’s here. The underlying revelation is that the planet’s brightest minds in collaboration with the Be Earth Foundation are unveiling a plan to get atmospheric CO2 back to 300PPM by 2050. Read more in my recent post, Regenerative Solutions for the Future of Humanity.

“The 300x2050 Initiative funds projects which restore and reclaim a healthy sustainable planetary ecosystem—with a focus on reverting to 300 parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere by the year 2050. Built on top of the most comprehensive and compliant platform on the market, the 300x2050 online investment portal will raise capital from impact investors, high philanthropy and the crowd to turn these projects into reality through a blend of donation- and investment- based fundraising campaigns.” -300x2050 Website

Gone are the days of berating ourselves with humanity’s problems. Despair has never been an option and for those of us who are awakened to the possibilities, this may very well be the most exciting time to be alive on Planet Earth. Inspiration is a form of currency that can be shared freely as the passion for a better future spreads like wild-fire through the minds and hearts of our global community. You can follow the conversation, through Future of Humanity’s new Facebook Page and also on my Facebook Author’s Page. We invite you to participate with your own creative gifts, share these stories, and explore the endless potential of collaborative, peer-to-peer, and decentralized networks of individuals utilizing emerging technologies to transform the world as we know it.

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