United Passenger Restrained After Claiming He 'Poisoned Everyone On Board': REPORT, UPDATE

A Newark-bound United Airlines flight is reportedly holding a passenger who claims he "poisoned everyone on board," Eyewitness News reports.

The passenger on board United Flight 116 from Hong Kong is being restrained by other passengers and is reportedly mentally disturbed. Law enforcement officials have been notified.

United Airlines did not immediately respond with comment.

UPDATE: According to The Associated Press, the FBI will meet the incoming flight and question the individual. The flight is scheduled to land at 2p.m.

UPDATE: According to the New York Post, United Flight 116 has landed at Newark Liberty International Airport.

UPDATE: According to AP, police escorted a man claiming to have poisoned passengers of Flight 116 from the plane after it landed safely in Newark, Monday afternoon. The plane then taxied to the gate to allow the other 238 passengers, who all appeared to be fine, to exit the aircraft.

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