Unity Amidst Terror

It is January 11, 2015 at the time of this writing and world leaders from over 40 countries gathered in Paris, linked arm to arm to march in peace for unity.
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It is January 11, 2015 and world leaders from over 40 countries gathered in Paris, linked arm to arm to march in peace for unity. In the twentieth century alone an estimated 160 million of our brothers sisters died because of war. We have over 60 countries engaged in some kind of conflict. And then there is the battle within our own minds, where some would argue all war begins. This means our entire world is suffering not only from a lack of inner peace but also from a loss of awareness as to how much love actually resides inside every soul. It seems to me that our holding on to old stories of the past with bitter interpretations percolates more hatred, and prevents us from walking into a new one.


The solidarity of world leaders in the aftermath of a three day terror attack, beginning at the newsroom of Charlie Hebdo, totaling 17 lives lost, makes me optimistic that goodness does indeed remain in us. We are all Charlie. As more than three million people participated in unity marches throughout various places they proclaimed their solidarity with the phrase, "Je Suis Charlie," "I Am Charlie," also translated as "OM Charlie." OM, while translating to "I Am," is also a sacred sound, connecting all through a vibration of peace and love. Perhaps turning more to this meaning of "I Am," will bring us back to who we truly are, beyond our excuses for war. Will the escalation of tragedy eventually become a means for us to review our humanity and recognize that we all come from One God, and we will all return to the same one? To date, I've never seen a record of God saying, "I am Muslim... Jew, Christian, Hindu." So is it man's attachment to these labels that creates the conflict? What if we really did come from the solidarity of 'We are all Charlie?' Not only post-terror, but every day.

I showcased an incredible short movie, Admissions at the Meditation Museum during the holidays. Like our guests, I came away with a deeper encouragement to get the knowledge and experience of Je Suis, OM, I Am, out and in to our communities worldwide. What if we all considered ourselves to be souls, belonging to the same God? What then would be our excuse to impose hurt on another and justify acts of violence as one's expression of God's will?

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