Mesmerizing Video Combines Human Movement And Computer Coding

This Is What Happens When You Combine Human Movement And Computer Coding

You may not have thought that abstract dance and computer coding would make compatible bedfellows, but this mesmerizing video is proof that the two disparate fields can make sweet, sweet art together after all.

The work, entitled "Presence," is a collaborative effort between digital studio Universal Everything and choreographer and Mr. Natalie Portman Benjamin Millepied. In the dreamy video, CGI strands hover together in a shape reminiscent of a gestural dancer, rhythmically buzzing to a tribal-electronic score.

"We had the dancers think about the multiple sculptures their bodies create as they move, and how these represent the music, the same rhythmic pulse," Universal Everything-founder Matt Pyke told Nowness. "There is a delicate balance in finding movements which feel alive, not synthetic."

The moving image, resembling something between electric spaghetti and an avant-garde adaptation of "Fantasia," surely does feel organically alive, regardless of its coded construction. Enjoy!

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