Universal Mating: The Fusion of Races

Universal mating is interweaving a bold new humanity of countless features and complexions. This trend, most powerful in the United States, is not the culmination of the 1960s hippie movement but captures the ever-present human will to mate and produce children across racial, ethnic, color, and geographical barriers. Despite the earlier laws forbidding interracial marriages, American blacks and whites have been procreating "mixed" children ever since the two people came together in the original colonies. Almost from the beginning, the newcomers, blacks and whites, mated with Native Americans and indigenous Mexicans to produce interracial children. Unfortunately, many interracial children were born out of forced sexual relations.

Gradually, interracial procreation became more consensual and complex. U.S. immigration was opened to Eastern Europeans, Asians, Arabs, South Indians, Iranians, and Central Asians, creating a microcosm of the world. Now the individuals of diverse races, ethnicities, colors, and physiologies are coming together in ever larger numbers to launch a new generation of Americans who cannot be confined to prior racial, ethnic, and color categories. This fusion across conventional racial borders is a budding sign of universal mating -- something other nations will inevitably follow -- as it weakens the age-old obsessions with imagined racial purity and color.

Universal Mating

Universal mating is a profound principle of natural law. It illuminates the essence of human species. It celebrates the diversity of human features and complexions. In fact, nature endows each and every individual with unique features and a special hue and brightness of complexion. Rarely do any two individuals look exactly the same; such are nature's open secrets. Universal mating recognizes that all features and complexions are inherently exquisite, and that no racial or color mixing is more attractive for producing children. All children are precious not because they all are the same underneath differing features and pigments but because they all are different in their appearances. An infinite variety in the subtle colors of human skin is nature's immutable promise.

As a matter of principle, personal preferences rather than social models determine the dynamics of universal mating. Who mates with whom is an interpersonal decision; it is no longer a matter over which parents, neighbors, or pundits need to worry. Laws and regulations, secular or clerical, that prohibit procreation on the basis of race or color are void ab initio, contrary to the natural law of universal mating. Social taboos that snare individuals into castes, prohibiting inter-caste procreation, are spirituality bankrupt. Consensual mating free of social fears is divine, carrying out the sacred plan of human survival and evolution.


Drawn at Woodland Park (city above the clouds), Colorado


Procreation is the sine qua non of universal mating, even though many loving partners cannot produce children. Having sex with a person of different race or color without the intention of producing a child can be love, romance, promiscuity, adventure, and social rebellion. There is nothing wrong with non-procreative sexual activity. But consensual mating for procreative purposes is the most credible contribution to the fusion of humanity, and it does not matter whether the partners are attracted to each other for love, money, social status, or some other material benefits.

At the present stage of human civilization, universal mating summons the courage to defy the prohibitive philosophies of racial barriers, caste separations, and color hierarchies. Interracial procreation is an act of courage in apartheid and racist societies. It is mission impossible in caste-bound communities. Like all things that challenge deeply seated conventions, universal mating is far from popular. Persons opting for universal mating may be condemned as social outcasts, rebels, and misfits.


While the United States, because of its relatively wider immigration policy, is a country most conducive to the cultivation of universal mating, the rest of the world is still confined to the paradigm of racial and ethnic homogeneity. The global population layout is highly segregated. Africa is predominantly black; Europe is predominantly white; China and India, the most populous countries of the world, have few Europeans or Africans. In India the caste system further rigidifies matrimonial barricades. The Middle East has a huge population of foreign workers, but cultural and religious taboos discourage interracial marriages.

The cyberspace allows matrimonial websites to bring together individuals of diverse cultures, colors, and national origins, but only few cyber romances turn into fruitful mating. Physical distance, expensive traveling, and visa restrictions are significant obstacles against finding mates in other countries.

While the peoples in other countries wait for a promising but uncertain future when they will be free to find mates anywhere in the world, the people in the United States have begun a remarkable phenomenon of the fusion of races, ethnicities, and colors. "America the beautiful" is in the process of adding a new layer to its meaning.