Cheeky Video Explains The Entire Universe In Just Over 4 Minutes

From atoms to the solar system, it's all there.

Need some help in understanding the universe? Then check out this entertaining -- and slightly risqué -- video by British YouTuber Exurb1a, who does his best to break it all down in just over four minutes.

Exurb1a's humorous whistle-stop explainer begins with The Planck Length, before moving on to cover neutrinos, quarks and atoms, the periodic table and DNA. He then focuses on the bigger stuff, such as the Solar System and black holes. However, as the 26-year-old notes, "Nothing means anything and we're all going to die."

He has a point.

Exurb1a, a philosophy PhD student who currently lives in eastern Europe, does go off-piste during the video. There's a dig at an ex-girlfriend, and he pokes fun at several celebrities. But that hasn't stopped the clip, which he posted to YouTube on May 23, from going viral. Many viewers have likened it to Bill Wurtz's similarly quirky 9-minute history of Japan.

"I created the video after having the idea while I was out running, being certain that someone had done something similar," Exurb1a, who plans on making more explainers, said via email. "I was amazed that they didn't seem to have after I checked."

"The reception was way beyond anything I expected, and I'm still fairly confused why it got so many views," he added.

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