Guy Uses An Entire University At Buffalo Dorm Building To Propose To His Girlfriend (VIDEO)

When you use 10 floors of a dorm to ask someone to marry you, there's a good chance she'll break down crying.

That's what happened when Frank Tierney, a residence hall director at the University at Buffalo, asked his girlfriend to marry him on Dec. 30, 2013:

dorm proposal

Redditor "ICanSeeYourFearBoner"
posted a photo of the proposal to Imgur last week and then identified Tierney on a reddit thread as his newly-engaged buddy.

According to the original poster, the group blacked out all the windows with poster board, "Then we traced out letters and poked holes along them, inserting the lights into the holes. It was a process."

To synchronize the lighting of the words, someone yelled directions from the stairwell "to make sure they went in the proper order," Tierney said on reddit.

Tierney told his new fiance, Kate, in the video they even rerouted buses to make sure nothing disrupted the proposal.

The original poster said a passerby talking on his cell phone watched the proposal from a distance, adding commentary to whoever was on the other line: "All the damn windows just lit up! This s**t is crazy!"

Tierney said he wasn't planning to have friends record it, but that changed:

I originally asked everyone to stay hidden because I wanted it to be just us... but I wanted those moments captured for us and to show our family. For obvious reasons everyone was way too invested and happy... there was no way they weren't going to come over and celebrate such a moment. And, in the end, we are truly grateful it turned out the way it did. :)

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