University Of Iowa Baseball Players Think A Ghost Is Stealing Their Girlfriends' Underwear

Five University of Iowa baseball players (and one hockey player) claim they are being haunted by ghosts that move TV remotes, change the channels on the TV and even steal underwear right off their girlfriends' bodies while they're sleeping.

The students moved into a house near the Iowa campus in Iowa City two years ago, according to Deadspin, but claim that paranomal activity there has increased only recently. One student says he saw the ghostly figure of a little girl in his room. Others attest to chairs being moved around the kitchen. One player said he inexplicably became depressed and had low energy when he walked into his bedroom. But the strangest unsolved mystery of all, of course, is the underwear thing.

On two separate occasions, girlfriends of players have had underwear removed from them while sleeping, even though they were wearing pants. Each time, the undergarments were discovered in another place.


Even the experts agree this isn't merely paranoia. After learning the house was previously a funeral home in the 1920s, the players eventually called the Iowa Paranormal Activity Support Team, which identified two ghosts that lived in the house, one named Tim, described as a older "grandfatherly" type, and the other a smaller girl.

The students do not plan to renew their lease next year.

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