University Of Michigan Chapter Of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Expelled After Hazing Charges

Michigan Expels Frat After Hazing Allegations

The University of Michigan's chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon has been expelled after hazing allegations, the Michigan Daily reports. The fraternity had previously been on suspension since early Feb.

The Daily has more:

The fraternity's suspension came after an e-mail was sent to the University's Office of Greek Life from a parent who disclosed various hazing activities -- like forcing fraternity pledges to perform physical tests on while members shouted and threw tennis balls at them -- her son was forced to endure as an SAE pledge.

On March 7, the national organization made public its choice to maintain the University chapter -- though it will be kept under "colony status" starting in the fall, according to the press release.

According to e-mails obtained by the Detroit Free Press, pledges were subject to a number of alleged abuses:

The e-mail said, "Brothers shot Airsoft guns, threw eggs, poked and tripped them with broomsticks, poured buckets of flour on them."

The e-mail said the next night was entertainment: "Brothers taking hockey slap-shots at the pledge class using tennis balls as hockey pucks" and "brothers violently kicking pledges in the groin to ensure that they were wearing athletic support cups."

Further allegations detail how pledges were were forced to drink "drink regurgitated water with goldfish in it," the Free Press reports.

The fraternity may redevelop next year, although current members may be subject to further discipline from the university.

Cornell University last week rescinded recognition of its chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon after the death of a student.

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