University Of Texas Commencement Pamphlet Makes Unfortunate Typo

The University of Texas was forced to publicly apologize Monday for an unfortunate typo in pamphlets used at a commencement ceremony over the weekend.

The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs shaved off a letter in its name to call itself the "School of Pubic Affairs."

"Our deepest apologies to our 2012 graduates for the egregious typo in our commencement program," the school tweeted. "We are working to distribute new programs."

The school also sent out an email to students apologizing for the public embarrassment.

"No one feels worse about this than I do," Dean Robert Hutchings said in the email, "so please accept my deepest personal apology."

Susan Binford, assistant dean for communications at the LBJ School of Public Affairs said their biggest fear now is getting mentioned on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Have a look at the pamphlet for yourself:

university of texas commencement typo