Unleashing Student Potential to Make a Difference in the World

Unleashing Student Potential to Make a Difference in the World
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I met Anthony Salcito at the 2017 Imagine Cup World Finals, an annual competition that brings teams of college students from across the globe to the Seattle, WA campus of Microsoft to pitch their products to a team of technology experts. According to Anthony, we have a responsibility to help fuel the next generation of innovation and unleash the solutions that will change the world.

He sees technology changing the way all of us learn, creating insights that expand and grow education beyond the classroom. He believes we can harness that insight to make a difference and solve real problems, and students at Imagine Cup are working to do that.

Most importantly, Anthony wants to create an environment in every school and every classroom, where students have confidence in a limitless future.

About Anthony Salcito

Vice President - Worldwide Education, Microsoft

Anthony works to help empower educators and inspire students to achieve more across the globe. His dream is to transform the way we all learn, giving educators the freedom and flexibility to teach their students and helping students learn in a way that suits them and make learning more personal and productive.

Anthony helped launch Microsoft’s cornerstone education programs while working as the general manager of education in the United States. He was also at the center of Microsoft’s involvement in the creation of the School of the Future – a pioneering partnership with the School District of Philadelphia and now the first of many Microsoft Showcase Schools around the world.

He is involved with a variety of outreach projects; has served on the board of directors for Stevens Institute of Technology WebCampus, and currently serves on the boards of the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), Junior Achievement of Washington, the European Foundation for Management Development, the National Community Education Association and Western Governors University.

With a belief that educators will forever be the heroes of the classroom, Anthony authors Daily Edventures, which highlights the inspiring stories of educators, students, education thought leaders and school leaders from around the world. Anthony Salcito Twitter.

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