Unlikely Animal Friends: Tiger Cubs, Fawn, And Potbellied Pig Pal Around At Dade City Wild Things (PHOTOS)

LOOK: These Unlikely Baby Animal Friends Are The Cutest Ever

Looking at these photos of adorable baby animal friends at Florida's Dade City Wild Things, it's hard to imagine a less likely trio of pals. Tiger cubs Thunder and Rocky, a fawn named Morgan, and Sassy the potbellied pig take turns giving head rubs, sniffing each other, and goofing around. Aren't they just the cutest?

Unlikely Animal Friends

Unlikely Animal Friends: Tiger Cubs, A Fawn, And Potbellied Pig

See even more of Thunder, Rocky, Sassy and Morgan at Facebook.com/DCWildThings -- and other unusual animal friendships below:

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Piglet and Rhodesian Ridgeback

Unlikely Animal Friendships

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