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Unlock Your Business Success With Your Mind

It's said that success is 99% an inside job. Yes, success really does stem from the inside. But, how many of us are actively creating success through cultivating a success mindset?
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beautiful european young solid...

It's said that success is 99% an inside job. Yes, success really does stem from the inside. But, how many of us are actively creating success through cultivating a success mindset?

As a Success Mindset Coach and Advanced EFT Practitioner, this is an area I feel extremely passionate about. Not only because of my training, but also because I've seen first hand the results of transforming my mindset. I'll explain why.

Take two seemingly similar entrepreneurs. Both in the same sector with a similar skill set, offering a similar service and both delivering the same level of consistent content in their business.

Why is it that one can create off the charts success, financial abundance, a flock of adoring fans and a business of their dreams? Whilst the other is stuck, struggling to move the needle of their business just a fraction, or hears nothing but crickets on launch day?

The answer, quite possibly is mindset. It's often the missing piece of the success puzzle for many entrepreneurs and can make the difference between a business that rocks and a business that flops.

But why? It's based on the reflection of our belief system. Our beliefs energetically create our reality. Woo woo sounding? Maybe a little. But there's also a lot to be said about the science of beliefs and their effect on the brain too. Just take the topic of Neuroplasticity for example.

So, if you're an entrepreneur who had a dream, set up a business and began your journey into entrepreneurship only to find persistent roadblocks along the way (or as I call them, success blocks) here are 3 ways you can cultivate your mindset to shift into success.

1. Start with your conscious programming.

Changing your conscious thoughts is a great way to start programming your mind for success. Understandably this can seem a little daunting on realization that we have tens of thousands of thoughts per day and as just quickly as a thought comes in, it's gone again. But you can make a difference. Conscious programming is a little like strengthening a muscle. Start by being observant of your thought patterns (most of us go through the day being unobservant of our thoughts) and when you notice a thought not in alignment with your success goals, simply change it in that moment to a more positive thought.

2. Follow with your subconscious programming.

We have two interconnected minds, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a bit like a giant database, which holds our programming and also our belief system. One thing most people don't realize is the subconscious contributes approx. 95% towards our overall daily thoughts. This is significant when we think about the theory 'our thoughts become things'. There are various ways to change subconscious beliefs. My favourite is the practice of EFT and working with a qualified practitioner can help you access the beliefs or success blocks you don't necessarily realise are even there.

3. Practice patience, persistence and kindness towards yourself.

Realistically there is no magic pill for creating success. In my experience it takes dedication, time, persistence and a lot of patience and respect for the journey. There may be those who create significant success seemingly overnight. However, I feel for most, a more accurate representation is that success is created by a culmination of consistent subtle shifts that add up to spectacular results.

Success is unique to us all. It means something different to each of us and we all have our own version. Even so, it is possible to achieve your success goals. The process starts with getting clear on your desires, followed by systematically unblocking the path through cultivating your success mindset.

Believe it and you can see it.