Unlocking The Power Of Your Unconscious Mind

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young businesswoman standing in ...

I know that many of you believe that our unconscious minds harbor our dark side. Probably because the scary movies, games and novels portray that evil lives in the unconscious. Our unconscious does hold our less than helpful instincts, limiting beliefs and negative behavior patterns. It also holds all of our positive behaviors and beliefs!

The truth is that our unconscious is not the dark side. It's simply following our lead.

At Your Service
Your unconscious mind is programmed to serve you. Whether it's recalling a memory of your first kiss or remembering how to drive the car - your unconscious serves up whatever you ask it for in any given situation.

That includes the behaviors and beliefs that don't serve us well. For example, a fear of snakes, that knee jerk defensive reaction or a pesky sugar habit. x

The reality is that we asked for those behaviors. How? Thanks to our internal dialogues with our unconscious minds.

Clarity is the Key
Your unconscious mind needs clear direction to serve you well. Very clear direction.

Here's why we end up with those pesky habits. Our unconscious mind doesn't process a negative. Nor does it have it's own independent filter to decide what's good or what's bad. It learns from us, from our experiences, and the way we talk to ourselves.

Which is why it's so important to be very clear in our thoughts and words. Our unconscious is listening to and learning from us.

Here are three simple shifts to guide your unconscious mind to serve you well.

  • Ask for what you want. Be clear, concise and focused. Only say or think about things that are focused on your goal. When a negative does slip in, simply shift back to the positive. Your unconscious mind will begin to shift the data it selects from your information stream, based on the power of your focused thoughts and words.

  • Focus on what's working. Modeling success empowers your unconscious mind to positively serve you. The more successes you notice and focus on, the more success your unconscious mind learns. Find people and circumstances that are excellent and model them. Focus on learning the specifics of their success and your unconscious mind will follow your lead.
  • Monitor your self talk. Every single time you tell the story of your problems or woes, your unconscious mind imprints that story as the reality you want. That imprinting impacts how you filter the data from your world. Your unconscious will seek data to prove that sad story as being true. Just as it will work to make a positive story be true. Be strict with your thoughts for two weeks and watch the shifts in your life. If you do slip back into negative - ignore it and shift back into the positive. This works. Try it!
  • The Bottom Line
    Our unconscious minds are amazing computers, programmed to serve us. We direct how our unconscious mind serves us in every moment of our lives.

    What directions are you giving your unconscious, right now?