21 Obsolete Household Items That We All Had 10 Years Ago

21 Obsolete Household Items That We All Had 10 Years Ago

It would be an understatement to say that the world looks a lot different than it did a decade ago. Running into people on the sidewalk who are glued to their smartphones is proof, as is a quick glance around folks' homes. Those smartphones mean that we just don't need the same items we once did to get through our day-to-day lives.

Rather than take this as evidence that we're getting older, we're thinking of it as a chance to de-clutter. Some household items are still used, even though they've been replaced by more efficient systems. Some of them are held onto out of pure habit. And some have collected so much dust it's ridiculous.

These 21 household items that are either obsolete, or well on their way. Feel free to do away with any of these things that are needlessly cluttering your home -- you won't even notice they're gone, we promise.

home phone

21. Book Shelves
Not totally unnecessary yet, but the Kindle has put a serious dent in home libraries across the country.

20. Drip Coffee Machines
And coffee filters. And coffee grinders. Snobbish coffee culture is at an all-time high -- drip coffee makers are verboten -- and so too are K-Cups. Those two opposing forces combined will destroy the drip coffee maker (and the possibility to ever channel our inner Bill Murray).

19. Desktop Computers
There's no need to be chained to a desk.

18. Cable TV
Now that HBO is available to everyone, cable TV doesn't stand a chance.

17. Printers
Paper is so 2000.

Source: gify.com

16. Incandescent Light Bulbs
Are you still using those? Do you care about the planet or your bank account at all??

15. Takeout Menus
Congratulations! You've reclaimed one drawer in your house to hold other useless items.

14. Printed Phone Books
And good riddance.

13. DVD Players
Some people have held on to their DVD player because they can't accept that it's as useless as a VCR. Give it up already and just stream it, folks.

12. Calculators
Gone are the days of spelling out words on its tiny screen with upside down numbers. We're kind of going to miss that.

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11. Entertainment Consoles
Those who still have TVs hang them on the wall. And with the disappearance of DVD players, there's just no point.

10. Answering Machines
Gone. And with them the dread of coming home to zero messages on the machine. Phew.

9. Home Phones
As dated as "Full House."

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8. Filing Cabinets
See No. 17.

7. CD Racks
Let's be honest, they were an eyesore.

6. CD Burners
Mixed CDs will be missed for sure, but not the error alerts that pop up nearly every time a CD is burned.

5. Paper Shredders
Getting one to work without jamming was cause for celebration.

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4. China Cabinets
No one has got time -- or space -- for plates you can't use. Nor a whole piece of furniture devoted to storing them.

3. Fax Machines
Trying to make one to work was unnecessary torture.

2. Rolodexes

1. Alarm Clocks
The end.

Source: gify.com

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