Unplug And Recharge: Arianna On Work-Life Balance (VIDEO)

Earlier today, HuffPost Live host Abby Huntsman sat down with Arianna, author Susan Cain, television host and journalist Mika Brzezisnki and members of the HuffPost community to discuss a topic Arianna says she is "obsessed" with -- unplugging, recharging and getting enough sleep.

Ever since an episode of exhaustion, she says she has been on a "journey of reacquainting myself with sleep," but it's not easy, given the demands of work, family and other sleep-stealers.

So how does she do it? Click through the video slideshow below to see highlights from Arianna's HuffPost Live appearance, and find out why she says a work-life balance isn't just something we should strive for -- it's key to our survival.

Unplug And Recharge