Why We Go Out

I often question myself the need of people to "go out."
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I am sure most of you have heard or said these expressions relatively often: "Let's go out", "Let's have a drink in the pub," "What about going to the movies tonight?" and, "Do you want to grab a bite?" I am also certain that you actually went out, had a drink, saw a movie or two and grabbed a bite. But I am not certain at all that you know the reasons for all of the above. In other words, why did you go out to have a drink, see a movie or to grab a bite?

I often question myself the need of people to "go out." Going out means "not staying in," or avoiding your home, your couch and the TV for the evening. The main reasons of going out might be one or a combination of the following:


We often accept invitations or send ours to our loved ones, friends and close relatives in order to see them, meet and greet them. We try to keep in touch, exchange ideas, chat, make jokes or even gossip. Now, you can ask, "Why do we have to go out to actually do all those things, instead of staying in and meet them at home?" You could do that too, but then "they" will again have to go out. Going out is inevitable, one time or another, for some people.


Your boss asks you to offer a lavish dinner to one of your clients. If you can't turn him or her down, you may get a warning or lose your job, but why do it anyway? The dinner is free, and you get to meet new people (i.e. clients). So professional "get-togethers," "dinners," "networking events," "business breakfasts," etc. are actually a very sociable and interesting task to experience. Although it sounds like work, it may please your senses and satisfy your appetite. The check is on the company's credit card, you had expensive wine and you could even close a deal. Is there anything not to like? You may be tired or bored, and you also have to make an effort to sell or promote your company or its products, but it's better to do it in a restaurant than in the office.

Kill Time

Occasionally, we go out because we "have nothing else to do," we are "too bored to stay in" and we want fresh air. It sounds like we don't, in reality, have a strong reason to go out, but just a strong need to avoid the comfort of our couch. It may also be that there is not a real life goal or objective, and "hanging out" with friends is probably the most entertaining activity.

Keep Busy

There are plenty of people who want or need to have a busy schedule. This schedule, except for working, includes a number of "outings," "events" and "parties" or social activities, in other words, that keep them busy. Being busy has a lot of benefits: excessive social life, attendance of parties and events, meeting interesting people and overall, having fun. On the negative side, being busy can also mean physical exhaustion and lack of personal "me" time. In a way, it may be that you want to avoid yourself.

There will probably be more reasons humans beings go out for. This post is just a beginning -- some food for thought to question your personal values and intentions related to your fun or compulsory outings.