Unplug And Take A Break: 8 Ways To Use Tech To Kick Yourself Offline (PHOTOS)

8 Ways To Kick Yourself Offline

We're all addicted to tech. After long work days with eyes glued to glowing computer screens, dazed workers across the country depart office buildings with smart phones or iPods in hand. They return home and trade in one device for another, turning on the TV and Xbox 360, booting up a computer, or switching on their iPads. According to a survey of more than 1,200 American adults, over thirty percent of us spend more than seven hours a day on electronic screens.

But there comes a time when we need to take a break from tech and unplug -- yes, even the techiest among us.

A recent study by the University of California, Irvine, found that those who do not regularly check email during the work day are less stressed and more productive.

Professor Gloria Mark, who co-authored the study, suggested certain strategies, such as batching emails (sending them directly to folders) and email vacations, to help email users take a break and focus on their work.

And sure, there's the National Day of Unplugging, but is it enough to take an offline break only once a year?

Probably not. But in a world that revolves around technology, it's difficult to take a break from all of our devices. Check out the gallery below to see our list of eight ways to use tech to take a break from tech and kick yourself offline.

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8 Ways To Take A Break From Tech

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