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Unplug, Retreat, and Enjoy a New Personal Story

Retreat is time for no self, no story. We are receiving our heart essence. Judgments and neediness dissolve in our inner expansiveness. Here is understanding. If we are to have a story may it be of great heart.
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Unplugging is not only turning off all our gadgets for some days, it is disconnecting from our personal story, pulling back from our normal world. Retreat is creative time finding an inner resource that can change awareness, perspective, forever changing our personal story. Silence, nature, heartfulness meditation are the setting for what can be a dramatic new self, freed by our no self, the fruit of our retreat. A new personal story full of an inner wholeness is calling.

Silence is not a test of will to not talk but a gift to enjoy, simple peace and quiet. Silence literally washes the clutter occupying our awareness. Silence calms the busyness, takes the edge off the frustration, withdrawing the worldly claws that have dug into our psyche and soul. Yes, silence in its gentle love has this power. Silence invites us to rest. Here is gentle essence. As we let go of the demands holding our attention, the muscles and bones of our body and our daily story also let go. To know silence is to surrender. The silence of the others in retreat embraces us. We are together. Our heart, the universal heart, the all and everything inside of us is present.

Nature is more than food for our senses. The fresh air, colors, abundant life all around replace the concrete wilderness of modern life. Nature frees us from the cage of the thoughts we were not even aware had trapped us. In nature everyone feels more free. To make a retreat in silence and nature is to feel this freedom more intensely, more personally. Our personal story is suddenly not so fixed, so certain.

Heartfulness meditation is to offer everything in our hearts that we routinely carry. Heartfulness meditation is learning not to carry the things of this world and be with the gentleness of our heart instead. The meditation continues as we take shelter in the heart inside our heart. Here thoughts recede to the well of inner peace. This is our greater heart, vast, empty, space without limit. Meditation brings us to our no self, where there is no story. We simply are. There is so much life, so much awareness, being, joy. No self and there are no problems. No story and the book of our life is open. Everything is possible. Our heart is a reservoir of abundance, potentiality. Our awareness seems to sail forever in heart essence.

These words are more than poetry to inspire but are the result of putting ourselves in silence, nature, and hearfulness meditation. The self is freed in an inner awareness of no self. Our story is changed by the part of us that is no story. When we put our awareness in the inner vastness, we absorb our true lightness, our original innocence. We rest. Everything is accepted. In this simple peace, why would we pick up our old self, the same old story again? We don't. We have changed. The feeling there is not enough time, not enough money, not enough space is healed. Inside there is so much. There is enough. The pressure and limitations once held as unchanging are viewed with a new perspective. We have found the ever unfolding vastness. We have found our source of trust, love, and generosity.

This space grows as we grow in the gifts of silence and heartfulness. The great room we find in meditation gives us more space, more choices, more decision in every part of life. Our old self is held in a lightness of being. Our no self is a pure bath for every other part of us. Our identity is finding a new home, new foundation in the peace of our heart. As our retreat grows within us, the world is more outside of us. We have unplugged from something outside, discovering something inside, which is much greater.

Retreat is time for no self, no story. We are receiving our heart essence. Judgments and neediness dissolve in our inner expansiveness. Here is understanding. If we are to have a story may it be of great heart. May we unplug from everything that is not true or necessary and put our heart into life fully. Retreat, silence, nature, meditation and something new, something wonder-full is calling...

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