This Brutal Montage Of 'Unsatisfying' Moments Is Pure Agony

Just try and watch this without yelling at the screen.

Regardless of how well your life is going, there are some moments when things just ... suck.

It’s not a terrible, life-draining suckage. It’s just kind of a situation normal, all fouled up kind of misery.

Like when you purchase soda, but the can gets stuck in the machine, or your golf putt almost makes it the hole, but not quite.

Maybe that firecracker fizzles instead of shooting into the horizon.

The video above by Parallel Productions, a motion design studio in Paris, immortalizes those not-so-great moments.

No, not the ones where life and death is at stake. Just the ones that ... suck.

The video above captures those moments with just that perfect sense of ennui.

But creating this video alone wasn’t satisfying enough for the studio. Now they’re asking others to join in their “unsatisfaction” by submitting their own “unsatisfying moment” video.

Here are the details, according to the contest web page:

Storytelling, art direction, colors, style and technique are totally up to you, but you just have to respect a few rules:

Start with 2 seconds of title card (title is up to you, but must begin with “The”)

  • One to 10 seconds of animation
  • Two seconds of ending title
  • The video must be 1080 x 1080 square pixels
  •  No music, but please sound design
  • Of course, feel free to imagine whatever you want in the world (or in another one)!

Once the “unsatisfying” video is uploaded onto Vimeo account, send the link to, along with the title, name and website (or Vimeo URL).

The videos are supposed to be featured on the page starting Nov. 14.

Or will they?

HuffPost reached out to that email only to have it bounce back.

How unsatisfying. 



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