Letterman Shows Unaired Bill Hicks Stand-Up Act (WATCH)

Letterman Shows Unaired Bill Hicks Stand-Up Act (WATCH)

Bill Hicks, a comedian who described himself as "Chomsky with dick jokes," finally got his shot at the Late Show 15 years after his death. The routine was supposed to air on October 1, 1993, but David Letterman had it cut.

Letterman nixed the piece because of content concerns ("let's hunt and kill Billy Ray Cyrus," Hicks says) which cause the cancer-ridden comic to write a 39-page angry letter to the New Yorker about the decision.

Letterman was extremely apologetic on Friday night, airing the act in its entirety. "Let me again apologize for the heartache and sadness my decision caused your family," Letterman told Mary Hicks, the comedian's mother, whom he invited on the show to introduce the clip.

Watch it here:

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