Unsilent Night In New York City Saturday, December 18th (VIDEO)

Since 1992, New Yorkers have been serenaded one evening in December by the ambient auditory expression of artist Phil Kline and his Unsilent Night project. Instead of caroling, Unsilent Night participants carry stereos playing tape recordings of different parts of a dissonant musical piece. As the participants walk slowly from Washington Square Park to Tompkins Square Park, they carry the music with them becoming a "city-block-long stereo system," says Kline.

The project has recently become immensely popular. This year it will be happening in places as far away as Hong Kong and Oxford, UK.

For New Yorkers, December 18th is the magical night. The group will assemble in Washington Square Park at 6:45pm. The music is available for download on his website and plan on bringing it with you, as well as some sort of speaker (there are only a limited number of stereos with cassette tapes available).

Watch a video of this unique New York holiday tradition: