Unstoppable Trump Train: Steam-Rolling Movement for Change, Driven by American Business Women Leaders Concern for National Security and Growth

Senator John Mc Cain has always reminded Americans to serve a cause bigger than any one person, for America's future. That is exactly why the "we want change, not Hillary, movement" is energized and cannot be derailed by attacks on Donald Trump deliberately timed and orchestrated by mainstream media supporting Hillary Clinton. American Business Women Leaders believe Trump-Pence is the only team that will turn-around America. Professional women from diverse industries and backgrounds across USA hold firmly that the Trump-Pence Leadership Team is the only hope for survival, growth and security.

Like them, CEO Trump understands what it means to meet a payroll every two weeks with his own money not taxpayers' money. Businesses cannot print more money like the government. They have to be profitable to stay in business and employ workers. Businesses cannot keep piling more debt upon debt and survive. Anti-growth (except of government) policies proposed by Clinton-Kaine would drive more companies out of America or out of business. Reality is that American Business Women Leaders clearly trust and support CEO Trump over Hillary no matter what the Clinton media machine (with help from Hollywood) does to try to tear him down and distract from her damaging national security breaches. Like most people, both presidential candidates are humanly flawed but the steam-rolling movement for change is far greater than Trump or Hillary. It's for the national security, economic growth and constitutional soul of America. That's what drives the Trump Train; and business women are the loyal engineers. The roaring train for change has taken on a life of its own, including many Bernie Sanders millennials and independent professional women jumping on board. That's a fact.

Status Quo and Obamacare Must Go, Not Jobs

The effects of Obamacare and growing onerous regulations are devastating to the growth of small and medium size American companies. And the struggle for survival of family businesses has just begun. Clinton-Kaine calling for 65% death tax will kill the future of family farms and businesses, resulting in more loss of jobs and reduced workers' compensation to pay for forced anti-business, anti-worker policies. Some good companies have been forced to go already. Either move jobs to other countries or close. Disappointingly, Obamacare has brought the level of American healthcare to an all-time low. That's a fact.

What Happened to Caring About People?

Lack of visionary leadership and need for "in touch with the people" compassion is why the Trump-Pence change train is catching speed like a "hot shot." An independent, successful California Business Woman who is a highly skilled Emergency Room RN and a Democrat-leaning voter informs why she is voting for Trump-Pence. For decades Barbara has owned and operated urgent care clinics with her doctor husband while also working at ER in a major hospital. Since her mother died of cancer when she was a teenager, Barbara has dedicated her life to caring for sick people. She loves the patients, which is why she stays in what she says has become literally a dying field. She advises that patients as well as the healthcare facilities caring for them are losing life before their time. Because no one in the government listens to the healthcare professionals before implementing ill-conceived and costly policies that actually lead to less caring and more expensive treatment. Barbara informs that for the first time since establishing the community clinics this year due to Obamacare, her family business will take a big financial hit. Her greatest frustration is that disabled patients, especially the mentally handicapped, are treated the most appalling by Obamacare policies in place. Although not Republican she supports Trump-Pence because the Democratic way has failed patients, doctors and businesses. That's a fact.

"House of Cards" or Rock Solid Foundation Based On U.S. Constitution

Status Quo desperately needs to be changed. For the first time now American middle class families are faced with scary options to either pay a concierge doctor an unaffordable $5,000 a year or see their children not be treated for serious illnesses. That's not a caring form of government. Obamacare actually encourages healthcare providers to mandate hardened heart policies. That's a fact. The Democratic Party pretends to care about the poor and downtrodden, but in reality it has sadly become the party of the global corporate elite who want to keep government big because their real agenda is to take care of the few and control the many, eroding our constitution. That's a fact. Hollywood does play a role politically, including in global relations. Interestingly, China requires PRC government officials to watch "House of Cards" to better understand how Washington works. We show them that "power and greed" is the American Way to copy. Another good reason why status quo must go, and why American Business Women Leaders support change with Trump-Pence. Fellow Americans let us recall, "And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not; for it was founded upon a rock. (Matthew 7:25)." CEO-President Trump and VP-COO Pence will respect our Constitution of the people, by the people and for the people, America's rock solid foundation to protect for us all. That's a fact.