Unsure How To Vote In The California May 19 Special Election? See How Organizations You Trust Recommend You Vote.

If you're unsure about how to vote in the California Special Election on May 19, see how organizations and people you trust from across the political and ideological spectrum recommend you vote (and why).

2. Find the California Ballot.

3. In the "Select Your Sources" tool to the left of the sample ballot, check the box next to an organization you trust (or want to see the recommendations of).

4. Scroll down the sample ballot to see its recommendations on the ballot measures.

5. For one of the Propositions, e.g., Proposition 1A, select "Show all # Sources For This Contest" (just below "Contest Details").

6. Scroll over one of the listed Sources, e.g. the California Chamber of Commerce, the California League of Conservation Voters, the Consumer Federation of California, or the San Francisco Bay Guardian (or one of the many others), to see if there is a statement supporting its position or if there is a reference to a source for more information.

7. Explore "Contest Details" to see the Secretary of State's Voter Information Guide and information about campaign contributions.

8. Mark and print your ballot to take to the poll or to mark your absentee ballot.

(This is a beta release that works best on Firefox, OK on IE depending on how recent the version, and not as well on Safari. Please report any bugs you encounter.)

This is an experiment in developing innovations that increase trust and communication in our institutions so we can optimize our capacity to find win-win solutions to the many challenges we face (see: Humanity's Greatest Challenge and Its Solution). Comments?