Unsure How to Vote Your Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Other Proxy Ballots?

If you're unsure how to vote your Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and other proxy ballots, see how organizations and people you trust, like Ed Begley, Jr., Ceres, Pride Foundation, Responsible Endowments Coalition, Responsible Wealth/ United for a Fair Economy, or The Nathan Cummings Foundation, recommend you vote and why. Shareholders can vote on resolutions on a range of important issues, including climate change, human rights, executive compensation, non-discrimination protection for LGBT workers, and political contributions.

Check it out:

2. Find the Exxon Mobil Ballot.

3. In the "Select Your Sources" tool to the left of the sample ballot, check the box next to a "source" you trust (or want to see the recommendations of), like Ed Begley, Jr., Ceres, Pride Foundation, Responsible Endowments Coalition, or Responsible Wealth/ United for a Fair Economy.

4. Scroll down the sample ballot to see their recommendations on shareholder resolutions.

5. For one of the Resolutions select "Show all ## Sources For This Contest" (just below "Contest Details").

6. Scroll over one of the listed Sources to see the statement supporting its position.

7. Mark and mail your proxy ballot.

(This is a beta release that works best on Firefox, OK on Internet Explorer depending on how recent the version, and not as well on Safari. Please report any bugs you encounter.)

This is an experiment in developing innovations that increase trust and communication in our institutions so we can optimize our capacity to find win-win solutions to the many challenges we face (see: Humanity's Greatest Challenge and Its Solution).

TransparentDemocracy is very thankful to Larry Lessig for suggesting this application of its platform. Comments?