Help Wanted: Supermarket 'Christmas Light Untangler'

Candidates must be passionate about Christmas.

Have you ever thought that untangling Christmas lights at a professional level might be your higher calling?

If so, Tesco supermarkets has the perfect job for you.

The British chain posted a very specific job ad on its website -- they're looking for an "enthusiastic" person to detangle Christmas lights for needy customers this holiday season.

Let's be honest -- untangling those things is a total bitch. So why not pay someone to do it for you?

Don't end up like this guy. Let Tesco detangle your lights for you.
Don't end up like this guy. Let Tesco detangle your lights for you.
CSA Images via Getty Images

According to the job description, the supermarket chain is launching the service in one of its Wrexham, UK locations for the first time.

If you want to apply, you simply must be "passionate about Christmas" and are "able to untangle three meters of Christmas lights in under three minutes." Also, you need to "have the energy and drive to be your best and exceed expectations."

Thank you, Tesco, for understanding the pain and suffering we all go through when trying to get a little festive for the holidays.

Hopefully the service will be a hit, and the lucky job recipient will get to untangle people's headphones in the off season.

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