11 Unusual Baby Names That Parents Gave Their Kids In 2014

Surprised and smiling baby looking over Mum's shoulder.
Surprised and smiling baby looking over Mum's shoulder.

There were 1,393 new baby names coined by creatively inclined parents in 2014. From celebrity surnames to inanimate objects to new spellings of traditional names, these baby names were given for the very first time to at least five American babies, earning a place on the Social Security Administration’s extended name popularity list.

Here are our picks for the top 11 unusual new names:



Cash is an up-and-coming baby name, and Rich has been around for decades. So how about coming out and naming a number? Billion was used for five baby boys for the first time in 2014, though there were also 11 boys named Million and babies of both sexes named Amillion. But at least with Billion, you can call him Bill or Billy.


The hip-hop artist Common aka Common Sense aka Lonnie Rashid Lynn won an Oscar this year for his song “Glory” from the movie "Selma." Common may be a worthy namesake, but if you are choosing a highly unusual name to help your child stand out from the crowd, the literal meaning of this one seems counterintuitive.


Following the trend of "bad boy" names, Dagger is one of the new violent names added to the lexicon this year, used for five boys, but we also welcomed five boys named Renegade, six boys named Kaliber and six named Bulut, along with seven girls named Rocket. And those are just the new names: there are growing numbers of babies named Gunner, Wilder, Cannon, and Blaze.

Seven baby girls were named Lay last year, adding a new variant of more popular names like Leigh, Lea, Leia, and even Laya.



Place names for babies have taken off in recent years, with London in the Top 100 for girls and at Number 611 for boys. But such popularity inevitably spawns spelling variations, with Londyn ranked at Number 154 for girls. And now we travel even further with nine baby girls named Londynne. Also new to the lexicon were Sicilee, Millan, and Jerzei.


The hot presidential and place name McKinley was joined last year by five girls named Mickinley. And there were also five girls named Kennydi.



Trendy baby names like Paisley are inevitable targets for spelling adventurists, so 2014 saw the introduction of Payzley along with Huntlee, Everlea, Ezmay, Kashtyn, Payshance, and Kwinn, among too many others to mention.


The advent of the second royal baby may have inspired a lot of royal-related baby names, but we’re not sure that new choices such as Royaltee, Royalti and Royel set quite the right blueblood tone. They were joined by Kinganthony, Kingmichael and Princecharles. Ruckus

uncle ruckus

It’s hard to imagine that anybody would name their baby after the racist cartoon character Uncle Ruckus, and maybe they aren’t. Maybe those eight little Ruckuses -– Rucki? -– were just named after the word that means disturbance, commotion, hubbub or uproar.


This name makes us kind of sad, man. In contrast to the more “uplifting” new names like Excel (seven girls) or Legendary (five boys), Sadman was given to five boys last year.


wimberley Corey Wimberley of the Oakland Athletics

On a lighter note, Wimberley is a particularly entertaining member of the kind of new name introduced by parents looking to improve on an original by giving it a new first initial, or switching a few letters or sounds around. Instead of Kimberley, there's now Wimberley. Instead of Jaylen there's Xaylen, another new name, and as an play on Brooke there's Rooke.

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