Yes, Hula-Hooping Can Be A Form Of Meditation

There are many ways to tap into the benefits of meditation, from classic yoga and breathing exercises to creative spinoffs including music and art. And then there are less obvious activities. Like hula-hooping.

You may ask: how can a circus prop or classic children's toy be a meditation tool? Kelly Strycker, Director of Chicago Hoop Dance, joined HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss the meditative aspects of hoop dancing.

“In the womb you’re very close to your mother's heartbeat,” said Strycker. “It’s that similar back and forth motion that happens [during hula-hooping] that is somewhat close to the same beat or the same steady movement of a heartbeat, and I think that might be part of it. Its very primal that motion, the beat, that rhythm.”

Like yoga, Strycker also explains that meditative hoop dancing is a “whole body practice.”

To hear more of the conversation, watch the full HuffPost Live clip in the video above.