Unveiling the Truth Behind the Cannock Chase Slenderman


Whether it is the highly publicized pre-teen stabbing in Wisconsin or the wave of other Slenderman-obsessed crimes of psychopathy that followed, Slender Man never rests. Be it from his nightly activities of pulling the strings behind all that is evil, or just from our own pop-culture, he is there. And now he is back, in the form of a wave of sightings of dark, tall creatures in the Cannock Chase area of Britain. Should the witnesses be believed? Or should they be dismissed as just another bunch of over-imaginative folk?

"I was awoken just before 2am by an odd scratching noise in my bedroom. To my astonishment, there was what seemed like a sphere-shaped shadow by the edge of my wardrobe. As I tried to get out of bed and investigate further, the shadow began to stretch towards the ceiling. It was at that point I found myself faced with the most disgusting and horrific creature imaginable. It was about eight feet tall and had a white face with razor-sharp fangs."

-Householder from Pye Green.

"As my eyes opened, I saw a man floating over me. I could see into his eyes. They were a fierce red colour that shook me to my very core. The ordeal ended when the man, who was completely dressed in black with a hat to match, floated higher and higher until he hit my ceiling and disappeared."

-Local resident, Slitting Mill, Rugeley.

"It appeared to rise out of the trees and hover over the path around 100m in front of me. It was very dark, but I could see it clearly because of the lights coming from Rugeley. It was also a pretty clear night. If I were to compare it to anything, I would say it looked like a stereotypical Victorian gentleman - long, black overcoat with a homburg hat. I know this was no flying human because it had blood red eyes that shone in the night sky. It also had a mouth full of teeth that seemed to look like razors. Whatever it was, it stopped hovering and descended back into the trees. Needless to say, I did not investigate any further."

-Explorer guy, Castle Ring.

This and a host of other similar reports have surfaced from Cannock Chase in the last few days around the end of December and the days following, according to paranormal investigator Lee Brickley, who claims to have personally documented these sightings by verbal communication with the witnesses. He says he is convinced that they're not lying, and that these may well be real-life reports of the mythical Slender Man.

But can that be? Savvy netizens know well enough that Slenderman is an urban myth, a creature created in a Photoshop thread in the Something Awful Forums. But if that is so, what is this mystery creature that is appearing to these people?

Moi has an opinion. It seems that these sightings less in sync with the mythical Slenderman and more similar to the real-life reports of the alleged "shadow person".

A shadow person (also known as a shadow figure, shadow being or black mass) is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure, particularly as interpreted by believers in the supernatural as the presence of a malevolent entity.


Unlike Slenderman, the shadow people have been sighted by a large number of witnesses around the globe, and these sightings have been documented by multiple investigators. The shadow people have been variously described as wearing a hat, being red-eyed and even having teeth. Following the sightings, people have even reported symptoms of sleep paralysis. Thus, what today seems to be the ramblings of the Slenderman-obsessed common population may well be documented sightings of shadow people.

As I've not communicated with the witnesses personally, it'll be unfair of me to judge whether or not they are telling the truth. As always, I neither support the claims nor deny them, I prefer to remain largely neutral. Since I haven't been part of the actual investigation, I cannot form a conclusion of it, I can only humbly guess.

However, do not hesitate to share your thoughts! Make use of the comments section below! Are these witnesses telling the truth? Is there any reality in the Slenderman of Cannock Chase?

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