'Up All Night' Video Previews: Will Arnett, Christina Applegate In New NBC Comedy (VIDEOS)

Of the many injustices that Lord Nielsen has bestowed upon comedy nerds and college kids, so often punished for their rejection of broad humor for more articulate and nuanced laughs, the harsh treatment of Will Arnett may rank amongst the most painful and protested.

One of the stars of the beloved "Arrested Development," cancelled after a truncated third season by Fox after a long series of near-executions, Arnett's admittedly less renowned second series, "Running Wilde," got the axe by the same network before it could even reach the middle of its first season.

To keep fans satiated and his career firing, Arnett has popped up in recurring roles in IFC's "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret," and NBC's "30 Rock," and now, the Canadian star will get another shot at a network TV series: his pilot with Christina Applegate, "Up All Night," was picked up for next season by NBC and placed in a Wednesday night comedy block.

Arnett and Applegate play new parents looking to balance work, life and the shock of their unexpected new bundle of joy; in a twist, Arnett plays the more down-to-earth character, the stay at home dad who tries to reign in his spiraling wife. The humor, of course, comes when that doesn't happen.

The network has released a long trailer to preview the show; check it out below.