The Top 14 Up And Coming Colleges In 2015, According To U.S. News & World Report

The Top 14 Up And Coming Colleges

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County topped this year's list of Up and Coming Schools from U.S. News.

U.S. News determines these schools by asking top academics -- including college presidents, provosts and admissions deans -- to nominate up to ten colleges. The idea behind this list is to highlight schools making "promising and innovative changes" across "academics, faculty, students, campus life, diversity and facilities."

UMBC moved up in the full best university list from 158 last year to 149 this year, indicating their improvements. UMBC is a regular on the up and coming list: this is its sixth time in the number one spot.

Arizona State University and the University of Central Florida follow UMBC, boasting a huge amount of resources on campus as well as positive student financing initiatives and research opportunities.

14. University of Alabama - Birmingham
Wikimedia Commons
10. Tulane University
(Tied for tenth)
10. George Mason University
The Washington Post via Getty Images
(Tied for tenth)
10. Drexel University
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(Tied for tenth)
10. Biola University
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(Tied for tenth)
8. Portland State University
Atomic Taco/Flickr
(Tied for eighth)
8. Clemson University
Denis Jr. Tangney via Getty Images
(Tied for eighth)
7. Indiana University-Purdue University - Indianapolis
6. Georgia State University
5. University of Southern California
Jupiterimages via Getty Images
4. Northeastern University
Bloomberg via Getty Images
3. University of Central Florida
2. Arizona State University - Tempe
1. University Of Maryland - Baltimore County
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Note: Some of the schools tied, so there may be numbers repeating in the top 14.

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