Elderly Couple's Themed Photo Shoot Will Convince You That Love Is The Best Adventure Of All

Sixty-one years ago, Dorothy and Donald Lutz's wedding photographer stood them up.

So this year, as a 61st anniversary gift, their grandson's wife -- wedding stylist and planner Lauren Wells -- set up what may be the world's most wonderful photo shoot.

Photographs from the session, shot by Cambria Grace, are now popping up all over the internet.

Even though she's thrilled to star in a fancy photo shoot, Dorothy Lutz says she wasn't too crushed when her photographer bailed on her wedding day 61 years ago.

“I was more excited about being married to the one that I loved very much,” she told the Boston Globe. “That was the main thing.”

We think even grumpy ol' Mr. Fredricksen would be touched by this pair.

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