Update on the Guatemala Kidnapping and American Adoption of Karen Abigail Monahan

In December 2014 I reported on the Guatemala kidnapping of Anyeli Liseth Hernández and her US adoption by Timothy and Jennifer Monahan of Liberty Missouri who named the child Karen Abigail.

Susana Luarca, aka Susana María de la Asunción Luarca Saracho who was charged with criminal association, human trafficking, and the use of forged documents in 2013, was recently sentenced to 18 years in a Guatemalan prison for arranging the illegal adoption of Anyeli.

In addition, the judges ordered the immediate activation of an international alert Alba-Keneth alert - similar to our Amber Alerts - of Anyeli Hernández Rodríguez and all the names that are known to the child.

Loyda Elizabeth Rodriguez, Anyeli'a Guatemalan mother said they will fight to have their daughter back and he will not rest until she does.

Norma Cruz, head of the Fundación Sobrevivientes (Survivors' Foundation), has also pledged to continue the processes needed for the recovery of the child, who lives with her adoptive family in the United States.