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9 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Hot Dog Game

Summer means hot dogs. This summer, make them better.

By now, everyone knows that the best way to cook a hot dog is to spiral cut it first. (It guarantees the most caramelization, which is all we’re after anyway.) But once you’ve got that perfectly cooked dog, you have a ton of choices.

First, you can serve it in a bun with some condiments squirted on top ― ketchup or mustard, we won’t judge ― and call it a day. Or second, you can take it up a notch and give your meal a serious upgrade with some creative toppings.

The folks over at Personal Creations have done the latter and their ideas are worth trying out this summer. They not only found international flavors to add that’ll upgrade your hot dogs, but have also come up with a way to eat one for breakfast ― if you’re into that type of thing.

Check it out: