Uplevel Your Vision Board: 3 Steps To Catch Your Vision and Create Your Reality


I know you've probably heard of a practice called Vision Boarding but if you haven't, Vision Boarding is used to assist you to capture images, words or whatever reminds you of, or connects you to the dreams and visions you are endeavoring to achieve in your life.

Basically, you cut out images or words and place them on a board, large piece of construction paper, etc., and place the images in an area where you will see it regularly, allowing the images to go into the subconscious mind. There are even digital Vision Boards as well.

For an even more detailed description here is a podcast I created a couple of years ago called: Catch The Vision For Your Future: https://soundcloud.com/lisascott28/catch-the-vision-for-your

The practice of Vision Boarding is both fun and important in the steps we need to take to become more keenly aware of what you are imagining and in being able to capture those images.

I would like to share with you a 3 Step practice that I am personally utilizing, and experiencing even greater transformation in my life first, and in my business. I'll call this 3 Step Practice: "Catching Your Vision To Create Your Reality."

(1) See - Affirm the outcome you desire. i.e., receiving money, joyous relationship, feeling better at work, new car, new house, taking a trip to a specific location, etc. It doesn't matter what the dream is or how "big" the dream is. In fact, release the idea of anything being "bigger than" in comparison to something else. The idea of something being a "big dream" is part of an old pattern of thought or belief causing a hindrance to your outcome.

(2) See and feel yourself receiving the outcome. In this state your body will shift into the state of Being re: the outcome and begin to emotionalize that outcome, i.e., you will feel what it feels like to be in the state of receiving the new house, new car, being in the specific location of your trip, etc.

(3) In the state of Being in your minds eye, see and feel yourself functioning as you would after receiving the outcome, i.e., laughing with and talking to the person you desire a joyous relationship with, feeling the money in your hands and jumping up and down with excitement, walking around and cooking in your new house with no shoes on as you feel the fluffy warm carpet underneath your feet, etc. In this space you have animated yourself inside of what you see in your mind's eye and what was once a dream or vision is alive, and you are alive inside of It. It is no longer something you see outside of yourself. You are in a state of Existing, Being, Doing. I have found that in this state you don't have to try to return to it. You actually carry your dream with you everywhere you go because you exist within what is happening as a consistent state of Being.

...Don't let go until...

Wash. Rinse. Repeat for anything you want to see differently in your life.

I would love for you to share the immediate shifts you begin to experience once putting these steps into practice.

Please share your thoughts, comments or questions on this post.

We only know what we know, until we know something else. Lisa

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