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Upper East Side Dog Walker Targets The One Percent On Craigslist (IMAGE)

Wanted: Upper East Side Dog Walker

(Discarded draft of e-mail)

Mackenzie --

Now that Republican ticket confirmed, time to bring other matters of the uptown house to order, esp. the dogs.

Noted, Mom likes to walk the girls, but Park Ave. community assn.'s recent growing displeasure with her new-found "Parisian" style of canine management is jamming my inbox with vellum letters of complaint.

Healthy to keep up appearances, and summer intern has it under control now, but if continues will likely need agency help come September re: return correspondence, and will cost a hell of a lot more than free.

Attached please review "resume" of dog walker, found by said intern on website I've not used. Too long so did not read but looks like might have the right idea (boathouse, Princeton, etc.).

Will you read and cross-reference TigerNet because doubtful anyone who did bicker is dog walker, probably ate at Terrace?


Rand, III

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