So, Now There Are Upside-Down Jeans No One Asked For

Apparently they’re inspired by “Stranger Things.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you put a perfectly good pair of jeans down, flipped it and reversed it, you’d have fashion’s latest weird denim offering.

CIE Denim, a New York City-based retailer, is selling upside-down shorts and pants that are basically regular old jeans inverted — with the waistband, belt loops and pockets where the cuffs should be.

The “Nancy” and the “Will" styles.
The “Nancy” and the “Will" styles.

Each pair of denim is named after a character from Netflix’s “Stranger Things” — there’s a Will, a Nancy, a Mike, an El and a Lucas — and the general concept seems to be a nod to the show’s Demogorgon-filled parallel universe, the Upside Down.

The shorts and pants cost $385 and $495 respectively — and if that price makes you wanna jump, jump out of your seat, that totally makes sense. Many people online feel the denim is more reminiscent of the ’90s hip-hop duo Kris Kross, who were known for their backward ensembles.

People in general had a lot to say about the upended (or downended) denim on Twitter this week:

But who knows? Maybe some people will like the fashion enough to drop a few Benjamin Franklins on them.