15 Animals That Make Us Feel Better About Getting Older

There comes a time in everyone's life when the comfort of a couch trumps a wild night, naps replace happy hours, and the highlight of a weekend is binge-watching a new show on Netflix. Whether you're hitting your quarter life crisis or reaching an age you refuse to admit, we all have to grow up (a little bit) at some point -- and there's nothing wrong with that.

So what if that means the crazy days of your youth are now few and far between? These animals are right there with you, and, we must say, they're more than accepting of this new stage of their lives.

1. This bunny, who is SO over wearing toe-pinching, sky-high heels. via thundee/Imgur

2.This sloth, who needs naps to get through the work day just like you do.

3. This bulldog, who truly embraces his wrinkles. via mecheg/Imgur

4. This hamster on his wheel, who also wonders where he's going in life -- and what it all means.

5. This chimp, who also gave up his startup for a corporate job. monkey in suit

6. This pup, who has intentions to go out but never quite makes it out the door. via Imgur

7. This mommy cat, who gives up all her free time to be with her kids ... and loves every minute of it. via Imgur

8. This retriever, who knows glasses make you look wise. dog reading

9. This monkey, who can't work his iPhone either.

10. This horse, who might be going gray but knows he's still the mane man. grey horse

11. This pup, who will keep you company at the early bird special. animal dinnertime

12. This kitty, who just can't take the club scene anymore. animal on phone

13. This ape, who proves bald is beautiful -- and is surely werking it. bald chimp

14. This cat, who's developed some extra padding and can't fit through the door. via bords/Imgur

15. This owl, who doesn't understand Miley Cyrus, either. via kuu owl/YouTube

Correction: An earlier version of this post referred to apes as monkeys.



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