Navy Cadets Funk Up Graduation Ceremony With Surprise Flash Mob

Don't believe me? Just watch.

It isn't your traditional naval march.

After graduating from Norway's Royal Naval School, these cadets wanted to do something special, reports the Daily Telegraph.

So they broke with the formalities to perform Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' smash hit "Uptown Funk" in a flash mob.

Video posted online shows dozens of the cadets solemnly standing in line to mark the end of the ceremony at their training academy in Stavanger.

The song's catchy intro then kicks in, and the cadets go on to dance to a full 4-minute long routine. It's not clear whether academy chiefs knew of the cadets' plans, but no one appears to stop them -- so we're presuming it was permitted.

See how it compares to the original music video here:

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