Uranus, Factor X Planet: An Unknown Unknown

Have you ever noticed that some people have out of the blue events in their lives while other people have a more moderate life experience? In an astrology chart the planet that symbolizes these sudden unexpected events is Uranus, the so called cataclysmic planet. Uranus is also called The Illuminator.

Uranus was discovered in 1781 preceding America's formalized break from England and heralding a time of wars for personal freedom and individual rights throughout Europe. The sign connected with Uranus is Aquarius, a sign characterized by innovation, invention, and sometimes genius. Uranus was the "out of the box," and "disruptor" long before the terms were common place.

I learned the phrase "the unknown unknown" from Nate Silver's excellent book "The Signal and the Noise: Why Some Predictions Fail but Some Don't." I was curious about the book because it dealt with predictions. Silver's book uses the model of statistical interpretations. I also deal with predictions but the model is not statistical. Although some astrologers have done credible research on astrological statistics, Astrology will probably never offer mathematically certain predictions. Silver's book encourages people to look at data and statistics on a sliding scale. Not YES or NO but the percentage of probability. Basing decisions and interpretation on a range of probabilities in both contemporary data and ancient astrological wisdom allows for varied human bias and interpretation. I try in my practice to emphasize the range of possibilities regarding any event.

BUT the unknown unknown scenario in sports, world events, personal development and relationships means we don't know something and aren't prepared for this unknown. We can't cite a probability because the event is out of the blue. I call this factor X in a chart. And the position and strength of Uranus in a chart describes this wayward but potentially revolutionizing energy.

The inventiveness of Uranus is what interests me right now. Uranus rules computers and as computers grow ever more sophisticated and powerful they will out-perform humans and supposedly make work and life easier. The circle of artificial intelligence is widening around us. I wonder if linear and number ruled life is categorizing and limiting our creativity? It feels confining and boring to me. Uranus influenced lives or events are anything but boring.

Uranus offers surprise and adventure. The imagination is not predictable and creativity offers a new vision of possibilities and beauty. Factor X offers us hope because it acknowledges the existence of the unknown unknown and galvanizes our thinking. When such surprise events occur they can illuminate a new path.

People who have experienced out of the blue events such as sudden fame or even a sudden loss have told me that these were defining moments in their life that changed their thinking and life direction. This is not always easy but it is always energizing. The hope that things can be different and that people have the ability to invent radically new ways to solve problems spurs inventiveness. This is a profoundly, non-linear, non-mathematical ability of humans. I believe in Factor X to move things forward in bold, un-thought of ways. Factor X keeps us moving even through the chaos that can follow unknown unknown events. It is our feeling of possibility that moves us forward.


Remember my Astro Heroes? The Aquarian Astro Hero is Zig Zag. His motto is "life isn't straight and narrow. We go in different directions but always get there."

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