Urban Adventurer Explores The Secret Underbelly Of The City (VIDEO)

Explores The Secret Underbelly Of The City (VIDEO)

Have you ever jumped onto subway tracks to explore its tunnels? Or climbed the lattice-work of the Williamsburg bridge to get a great view of the city? Steve Duncan has.

Videographer Andrew Wonder shot this incredible short documentary, Undercity, about Duncan, an urban historian and all-around adventurer. The two of them journey into the dark, hidden underbellies of the city (illegally) and climb its bridges to gain an amazing perspective of the city.

A few of their stops include the secret station at City Hall, New York's first sewer under Canal street, the 'mole men' living in the Atlantic tunnel, and the top of the Williamsburg Bridge.

It's a nerve-wracking, awe-inspiring little journey.


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