Urban Foraging: Wild Edibles In Cities -- Collect And Eat Fruit, Greens, Snails And More! (PHOTOS)

Eating locally is a big deal these days -- but few people know about all the edible treats growing wild in cities across America. Here at HuffPost Green, we think the most adventurous way to eat local is to throw on your wellies and go foraging for urban goodies. From delicious fruits to weeds you would never think to eat, clams and snails, cities are full of hand-picked eating opportunities!

We hope this slideshow gives you some great urban gathering ideas, but be sure to check with local experts for help identifying plants before stuffin' your face. Don't forget to vote on your favorite.

Urban Foraging

Plus, if you live in San Francisco, New York or Portland, check out these awesome urban foraging tours and communities.

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