Urban Meyer Health Issues: Brain Cyst, Possible Heart Problems

UPDATE: Urban Meyer SPEAKS. Click HERE for more.


Urban Meyer, the coach of the Florida Gators football team, stunned the college football world tonight by announcing that he is stepping down due to health concerns. While it is unclear at this point what exactly is the cause of his health issues, there are several reports that shed light on the issue. reports that Meyer suffered a heart attack this year. However, the article does not elaborate beyond the initial headline and additional information about the source is not provided, and a Florida spokesman called the rumor inaccurate.

Following the Gators' loss in the SEC Championship game to the Alabama Crimson Tide, Meyer checked himself into a Gainesville, Fla. hospital to be treated for dehydration.

Earlier this month, S.L. Price of Sports Illustrated profiled Meyer. The article mentioned an arachnoid cyst that was discovered on Meyer's brain in 1998:

It wasn't life-threatening, but the doctors warned that the attacks would continue to flare up under high stress. Urban wasn't nearly as concerned as [his wife] Shelley. "I know you want to be a head coach," she told him, "but if it's going to make you sick and old and crazy? I don't want you to be a head coach."