Urban Outfitters Bed Bugs: The Retailer May Have A Problem

Urban Outfitters May Have A Bed Bug Problem

UPDATE: Urban Outfitters released a statement and a graphic denying any bed bug activity, stating, "Urban Outfitters is super vigilant about making sure our stores are bed bug-free, especially in areas like New York, where bed bugs are unfortunately an issue for everyone who lives, works, or runs a business. We take the safety and health of our employees and customers very seriously."

Bed bugs pretty much top the list of dreaded New York problems. So when we heard that Urban Outfitters may be infested, we knew it was definitely cause for concern.

Reports have surfaced that the Sixth Avenue location of the mass retailer is rampant with bed bugs. Jezebel is even claiming that the store is going out of its way to hide the problem, saying that they're refusing to take the necessary measures to fix it. Dozens of employees have reported telltale bites and two employees have notified supervisors of cases of bed bugs in their own homes. A source told Jezebel:

As soon as it started getting hotter, everyone started getting bites, probably because everyone shares one communal office: bags, coats, everything goes in there. Employees told their supervisors they were getting bitten and asked what they should do. But they haven't really done much.

Exterminators have been called in, but apparently they only treated the lockers, break area and office -- not the actual store where people buy clothing. While there's no official confirmation from Urban Outfitters of a bed bug problem, these reports are a bit alarming. In 2010, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria's Secret and Juicy Couture's New York outposts all became infested with bed bugs, so it's not uncommon for this type of problem to spread quickly.

Jezebel suggests that Urban Outfitters close down for a night to completely rid the store of bed bugs, but also claims that the retailer is in no rush to do so. And we can't help but echo Jezebel's main question: Why isn't Urban Outfitters more concerned?

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